Janelle Monae for Pitchfork Magazine.
Shot on my Fujifilm x100s w/ natural sunlight
1/640 at f/2.0 ISO 200 

Photos by: Glenford Nunez

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Nothing new

Okay, so when I first started this blog I was so excited. I thought it would be cool for me to just blog about everything fashion and what interests me, what irks me, and just whatever. But… This blog has pretty much become something of irrelevant to me. Just put on the side and maybe every once in a while I’ll post a picture of some cute outfits but that’s it. It didn’t bother me that much but now it sorta does. I’m a little sad that I don’t have much to say about fashion even though I still have a fondness for it. I can’t bring myself to delete Unique Solitude, but I’d be sort of lying to myself if I said I could keep updating it. I do wanna at least try… For a while maybe… The problem might be that fashion has gotten a little boring to me? Maybe?

Anyway… There’s a point to this post(even I’m trying to find the point as I type). I want to get back on the ball. Try my hand again at blogging about fashion and music and etc. etc. I don’t have a lot of followers on here but that’s okay.. I hardly doubt that any of you guys care about this post or this blog as a whole but I’m still gonna try. Maybe start a schedule(like I said the last time) a post a day maybe. For those of you who still like this blog and everything about it, thank you. To those who barely pay attention to this blog… I dunno. So I’m gonna try and keep this rolling and if I fail… Oh well I guess.

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Ashley Owens, HVRMINN, and Kevin Wang. 

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Over three years James Mollison photographed fans outside different concerts for his project The Disciples. As I photographed the project I began to see how the concerts became events for people to come together with surrogate ‘families’, a chance to relive their youth or try and be part of a scene that happened before they were born.”

  • Oasis 
  • Morrissey
  • Björk
  • The Cure

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